Berlin Neukölln

I have been fascinated by the Feldenkrais Method ever since I first tasted it in 2001, during a weekend workshop. Since then I always tried to learn more about it, incorporated parts of it in my work as a musician and music teacher, and finally studied the method with Eilat Almagor and Anat Krivine in Strigara, Italy, for about 4 years from 2016 to 2020.

Not only have I found the work helpful with movement and the body in general, but also I found it is enlightening ways of organic learning that can be transferred to other questions, like learning music, swimming, thinking, dealing with addictions, and many more.

I have worked with people from different backgrounds, office workers, dancers, policemen, musicians, bakers and artists, and I found that they all profit from the method, often in ways that I myself did not expect, and maybe they didn't either.

I studied guitar in Dresden and I work as a professional musician since 2003. My music work can be found here: