Berlin Neukölln

I am guiding Feldenkrais classes at Fincan (Altenbraker Strasse 26) in Neukölln. Please register by mail or phone and arrive a few minutes in advance. The classes are happening at those hours:

Tuesdays 20:30
Wednesdays 9:30
Fridays 10:30

I am usually teaching them in english. Wednesday's class is in german, in case everyone understands it well, otherwise I am doing it in english or both german/english. The price is 8-15 Euro sliding scale. If you have any questions, feel free to call or write.

For Individual sessions in Functional Integration, please call or write. Usually I charge 25-35 Euro sliding scale for Functional Integrations.

mail: hannesbuder@gmail.com
phone: 01625477752